About VækstVærket

The students

VækstVærket is a growth forum for students, who attend Dania and VIA as well as senior high schools in Randers. The forum itself is located on the campus of VIA University College in Randers, but has its own facilities such as kitchen, internet and of course work spaces. In addition teachers from both VIA and Dania arrange activities in VækstVærket such as various courses and cultural events. VækstVærket also offers professional councelling for those students, who have a budding start-up idea. Make an appointment with Carsten Kruse. VækstVærket is also open for students, who wants to study somewhere quiet and in relaxing surroundings.


VIA University College:

  • Dorthe Feil, psykomotorikuddannelsen
  • Anette Bavnshøj, sygeplejerskeuddannelsen
  • Erika Brandt, pædagoguddannelsen
  • Jan Rasmussen, pædagoguddannelsen

Student ambassadors

VIA University College:

For the professionals

VækstVærket is also an incubator for budding start-up ideas, and it is the place, where companies and students can connect and perhap assist professionals in developing their innovative projects.

Sundhedshuset (health clinic) in Randers is a combination of private and public enterprise, which provides the public with professional health solutions. Among other there is the public dentist, a private physiotherapist and apothecary. Students from Dania and VIA was asked to create a booking system for the dentist. The aim of the project was to reduce the number of no shows. Two Dania students were chosen to present their project and subsequently assisting in the implementation of several of the ideas.

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